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Impacting The Nations
According to our knowledge, IBTI students have come from or gone to serve in all the nations indicated below.

“There are 2 things that I really took with me from this Bible college: 1. Friendships that will last for life and 2. I started to discover myself and grow in confidence in regards to the calling God has for my life. After I graduated from IBTI I did a 1 year voluntary internship in Bromley and after that I was offered a contract and I am now part of the leadership of the church.”

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Vladut (England)

“God used these two years at IBTI to shape my life and deepen my relationship with him. All of that, with the theology training I needed on the theoretical side, but in a practical way as well. Now, I’m back in Belgium, working in my church and I’m so grateful to God for the way He equipped me through IBTI to do the work I’m doing now.”

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Logan (Belgium)

“I have never felt more challenged, stretched, broken and loved than in that place. At the same time, it was in this very place that I found what will probably be the most important friends and co workers that anyone could ask for, and where I had my most important encounters with God so far.”

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Sofia (England-Spain)

“The IBTI gave me the foundation and the tools that I need to develop God’s calling on my life which mainly are: faith, love and a willingness for unconditional service. Now I know that everything starts in Jesus, goes through Jesus and ends with Jesus.”

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Serafin (Spain)

“Being on the course gave God the opportunity to work in my heart in a very focussed atmosphere where there are daily opportunities for learning and growth through serving and leading. Being at the IBTI as a student was a turning point in my life where God re-moulded my heart and re-orientated my future goals.”

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Becky (England)