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A window into the future

It’s very easy, just choose the one you want on the diagram below and you will see that each window or door has its own code (E.g. WG1, DG8, etc.). When you come to pay please remember to select the specific fund related to the code. If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer, please write “Sponsor a Window”, plus the relevant code, as a reference.

Choose your window…


 WF4 Entrance 1 1585X2110 £780SPONSOR IT
 WF5 Meeting Hall (chapel) 910X600 £300SPONSORED!
 WF6 Meeting Hall (chapel) 910X600 £300SPONSORED!
 WF7 Meeting Hall (chapel) 910X600 £300SPONSORED!
 WF8 Meeting Hall (chapel) 910X600 £300SPONSORED!
 WF9 Media Room (IT) 910X600 £300SPONSORED!
 WF10 Media Room (IT) 910X600 £300SPONSORED!
 DG23 Single Door with gire-escape panic bar £750SPONSORED!
 WG5 Bedroom 1 1810X1210 £450SPONSOR IT
 WG6 Bedroom 1 (Ensuite) 685X760 £250SPONSORED!
 WG7 Bedroom 2 1810X1210 £450SPONSOR IT
 WG8 Bedroom 2 (Ensuite) 685X760 £250SPONSORED!
 WF20 Dormitory 2 1810X1210 £450SPONSORED!
 WF21 Dormitory 1 1810X1210 £450SPONSORED!
 WF22 Disabled WC 460X610 £250SPONSORED!
 WF23 Prayer Room 460X1210 £300SPONSORED!
 WG16 Dormitory 2 1810X1210 £450SPONSOR IT
 WG17 Dormitory 1 1810X1210 £450SPONSOR IT
 WG18 Doubled bed 4 1810X1210 £450SPONSORED!
 WG19 Doubled bed 4 (Ensuite) 460X760 £250SPONSORED!
 WR1 Clerestory Windows (Triangular area above amin entrance) – £1,764SPONSORED!
 WF1Entrance 1 1607X2110 £780SPONSOR IT
 WF2 Entrance 1 1585X2110 £780SPONSOR IT
 WF4 Entrance 1 1585X2110 £780SPONSORED!
 WG1 Entrance 1 1585X2110 £780SPONSORED!
 WG4 Female WC 685X760 £250SPONSORED!
WG24Boiler Room£1,000SPONSORED!


EAST_SOUTH-1-300x214 A window into the future

 DG6 Patio Door 2035×2100£900SPONSORED!
 DG7 Patio Door 2035×2100£900SPONSORED!
 DG8 Patio Door 2035×2100 £900SPONSORED!
 DG20 Single Door with fire-escape panic bar 910X210 £750SPONSORED!
 DG36 French Door 1810×2100 £890SPONSORED!
WF2Entrance 1 1607X2110 £780 SPONSOR IT
WF3 Entrance 1 1607X2110 £880SPONSOR IT
 WF11 Foyer 1585X750 £430SPONSOR IT
 WF12 Unisex WC 1585X750 £430SPONSOR IT
 WF13Dormitory 31810X1210 £450SPONSORED!
 WF14 Dormitory 4 1810X1210 £450SPONSORED!
 WF15 Dormitory 5 1810X1210 £450SPONSOR IT
 WF16 Female WC 1683X675 £300SPONSORED!
 WF17 Female Stair 3 974X1210 £350SPONSORED!
 WF18 Female Shower 2260X675 £360SPONSORED!
 WF24 IT Room 910X2110 £430SPONSOR IT
 WF25 Meeting Hall (Chapel) 910X2110 £430SPONSORED!
 WF26Meeting Hall (Chapel)  910X2110 £430SPONSORED!
 WF27Meeting Hall (Chapel)  910X2110 £430SPONSORED!
 WF28Meeting Hall (Chapel)  910X2110 £430SPONSORED!
 WG1 Entrance 1 1585X1210 £780SPONSORED!
 WG2 Entrance 1 1810X1210 £880SPONSOR IT
 WG10 Disabled WC 685X760 £250SPONSORED!
 WG11Dormitory 3 1810X1210 £450SPONSORED!
 WG12 Dormitory 4 1810X1210 £450SPONSOR IT
 WG13 Dormitory 5 1810X1210 £450SPONSORED!
 WG14 Male WC 1585X2110 £300SPONSOR IT
 WG15 Male Shower 2260X675 £360SPONSOR IT