Be “a part of the furniture”

We would love for you to be part of the furniture — not quite literally! Find out here how you can do this by sponsoring furnishings for the bedrooms.

A window into the future

It’s very easy, just choose the one you want on the diagram below and you will see that each window or door has its own code […]

Donate to the IBTI

By choosing to donate to the IBTI, you will contribute to our normal running costs; your money will help to improve and maintain our grounds […]

About donations…

For more than 60 years IBTI’s main focus has been to train and equip people to send them out into ministry and to support various mission projects across the world […]

Vision 500… what it’s all about

Vision 500
Vision 500 was born in order to raise the funds necessary to accomplish the second phase of our building project which we aim to start this year.