Christlike Belgium – Summer 2017

– Christlike Belgium –

Summer 2017

This summer, we had the great opportunity of going to Belgium for a week of mission. It’s always a joy for us to minister together as we see the fruit of the hard training we had at IBTI. This mission is called “Christlike” which reflects what we want to impart to people in the churches we visit: To be more Christlike.

We had the opportunity to serve four different churches during our time in Namur, on top of hosting a youth conference and organizing a street evangelism event. The five days we spent in that town were rather intense, but everyone was giving 100% for everything we got involved with and we can really say that we saw God moving during our mission. After our meetings, we were so blessed to listen to testimonies of salvation, to hear of people who were really encouraged by our group and especially young people who were influenced by our passion for God.

We really want to give glory to God for all the amazing things we saw Him do during this mission.


Logan Sulpizio (former student)