Christlike Germany – Summer 2016

– Christlike Germany –

Summer 2016

For the last couple of years, a team of current and former IBTI students have targeted a different European country and spent one week among the churches of a particular city. In those seven days, it is almost impossible to really leave a long lasting impact on the whole town. But what we can do is encourage the churches on-scene, helping them to take the position God has purposed for them within society, to be outward looking and accept the challenge of being like Christ, no matter what.

This last summer, it was my pleasure to invite the Christlike team to Ludwigshafen, Germany and organise this mission in the city I grew up in.

As it is generally known that a picture says more than a thousand words, these photographs will // provide a window into our programme during that week.


Outreach-Mountage Christlike Germany - Summer 2016



After sitting in a classroom, reading and studying about all the Bible characters and what they did for God, we were all very keen to finally get out there and share first hand what we had learned, finally having the opportunity to do this outreach. Together as a team, we experienced how each one of us had grown, in our giftings, in our confidence, in our calling and in our identity. Now, months after, church members and people, we randomly met on the streets as well as some of the refugees are still impacted by the team of international young people who were so on fire for God and who turned parts of this city upside down with passion and love for people.

 Lisa Corsino (former student)