The “Christlike Mission” is a summer activity organised by the IBTI where a team of current and former students and staff target an area of a different country each year for about a week.

The purpose of this trip is two-fold:


To create an opportunity for our students to experience mission in different cultural contexts and put into practice what they have learned during their time at the college.


To bless and encourage the local church as they live out 1 John 2:6 in their own community: “Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did”. 

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There is only so much our group can do during this mission to impact a community, but what we aim to do is to influence the churches where they are. Our goal is to support the churches to be who God intends them to be in society, be outward-looking and accept the challenge of being like Christ, no matter what.



A group of people made up of current and former IBTI students and staff members.


Our group does not ask the churches we work with for any financial contribution, but as our team members are self supporting we request the provision of board and lodging for the duration of our stay.


We would love to partner with you in the organisation of next year’s trip. If you are interested please contact us by writing to [email protected] and we will be happy to keep you informed with details about locations and dates.