“I would like to encourage all IBTI students that when you are in the college you will not understand and notice the impact.”


(IBTI 2001-2003)


(Northern Uganda – East Africa)



In 1997 I left my job to serve as full time minister and Church planter during the civil insurgencies in northern Uganda that caused pain, abductions, an HIV/AIDS scourge and mass displacement in the entire region for over 20 years. The ministry grew so fast that the demand for trained leaders became the major need in the new churches. I began to search for Bible Colleges and I was admitted in Daystar University, Nairobi Kenya. But however Bishop Tom I. Okello encouraged me to apply to IBTI in 1998. I felt peace in my spirit and applied. In March 2001 I received my admission and that same year I joined IBTI in September 2001 till June 2003.

I remember IBTI for the discipline and building of servant leadership, for the power of building relationshipsbetween international students and for creating a family with a passion for the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

“The two years of my time in IBTI changed my entire life in serving the Lord; built humility and a servant spirit in me.The Spirit of Fatherhood from the teachers and the leaders of IBTI impacted my life and I emulated it.The impact continued into the Leadership training and mentorship of so many Ministers of the gospel who today refer to me with the title Papa across the region”

Since I graduated in June 2003, I came back to Northern Uganda. I started a portable Bible school and “New Life Advance Bible College” that became a platform of leadership training and crusades and church planting campaigns within the northern region and the neighbouring countries.In 2012 my General overseer // passed on after three months after the birth of Divine Waters Ministries and I became his successor as the General Overseer of Divine Waters Ministries Uganda and as Senior Pastor of Springs of Healing Centre, Kitgum, Uganda. Since 2012 Divine Waters Ministries has grown into 43 local Churches within Uganda and in the neighbouring countries of East Africa.Currently I oversee Divine Waters Ministries; Pastoring, transformational leadership training, conducting stadium crusades, water projects drilling boreholes, girl power ministries; empowering girls from child headed households and mentorships programs.

In the journey of the Ministry the move of the Holy Spirit is so real wherever we go,the undeniable move of the Holy Spirit as the days of the Acts of Apostles in miracles, signs and wonders. Doors have been opening in the youngest Nation that has been affected by war, S. Sudan, and some unreached communities.I have been appointed among the 36 National Council of Elders in National Fellowship for born-again, Pentecostal Churches of Uganda.  All these came about because the time of IBTI and I humbly want to credit and appreciate IBTI for investing in my life.

“I would like to encourage all IBTI students that when you are in the college you will not understand and notice the impact. But the day you complete your training you will live to talk about IBTI. Preparation is the gate to every successful ministries of the gospel. My prayer is stand tall, be shaped. At IBTI there is time for everything in life; time for the sounds of the early morningbell, time for quite moments, time for studies, time for practical work and time for celebration of what the Lord has done.IBTI changed my life, family, and ministry, it made me to be an instrument of Transformation.I love the IBTI family”