The Book of Esther: Through this subject you’ll have an overview of the historical aspect of the book (customs, culture …), its place in the biblical canon and an exegesis of the book. It will also answer questions such as: How does God manifest Himself in a totally secular society? What part does man play in the plan of God?

Pedagogical Approaches to Learning & Teaching: This module will examine theories of Teaching and Pedagogy and present a Biblical view of knowledge. It will analyse learning and the learner’s world, present an array of pedagogical approaches as well as the calling, the fulfillment and a holistic approach to teaching. It will also look into the life of the teacher and explore Jesus as the Great Pedagogue.


Introduction to Christian Counselling: It’s an introductory study on what Christian counselling is and how it differs from pastoral care. The student will have a look at its place in the Church, and the different issues in which it can be used as a tool to reach and help people in need.

Interpersonal Relationships: This subject introduces the student to the complex world of interpersonal relationships. It includes foundations to effective relationships, a study of the different personality types and raises the student’s awareness to a number of underlying social dynamics related to human interaction. The students are introduced to tools and methods which facilitate effective communication, leadership and living and working in a relational world.