Level 4 Certificate in Applied Theology


Level 5 Diploma in Applied Theology

The Book of Esther

Through this subject you will have an overview of the historical aspect of the book (customs, culture…), its place in the biblical canon and an exegesis of the book. It will also answer questions such as … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Pedagogical Approaches to Learning & Teaching

This course will examine the theories of Teaching and Pedagogy including the nature, responsibilities and significance of teaching and it will provide a biblical framework for understanding and implementing teaching and learning … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Interpersonal Relationships

This subject introduces the student to the complex world of interpersonal relationships. It includes foundations to effective relationships, a study of the different personality types and … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Introduction to Christian Counselling
This subject is an introductory study on what Christian counselling is and how it differs from pastoral care. The student will evaluate its place in the church and the different ways in which it can be used … (click here to see the Syllabus).
Contemporary Challenges

This subject introduces the students to the intergenerational character of God and therefore the intergenerational harmony and unity of the church. Starting with a biblical study of God’s plans woven through the different generations, this module confronts the students … (click here to see the Syllabus).