Level 4 Certificate in Applied Theology


Level 5 Diploma in Applied Theology


The notion of a covenant is unfamiliar today, but the concept of covenants is basic to our understanding of Scripture. As a result of studying the Covenants we will discover that this concept saturates the entirety of Scripture and it is particularly the foundation to understanding humanity’s relationship with God … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Pauline Letter Studies: 1st Thessalonians

In the study of 1 Thessalonians the main topic will be getting ready for the second coming of Jesus. The units will be developed considering the historical background of the letter, the contents of the letter, deepening the key concepts described therein and applying it to life and ministry … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Pauline Letter Studies: Ephesians

This is an extensive study of the wonderful work of God in the lives of believers preordained since before the foundation of the world, carried out by Christ at the appointed time and secured by the Holy Spirit. The study emphasises the purpose for which we have been saved, the riches obtained in Christ … (click here to see the Syllabus).