Working with Children I : In this module, the student will have an overall view and understanding of God’s Covenants towards man, throughout history, both in the Old and New Testament. The student will then discover the connection of both testaments and will realise wholly who God really is and His nature more than his plan. The Covenants reveal God’s deep relationship and his continual desire to bring man back to himself. By understanding correctly God’s initiatives in establishing covenants in history, the New and final Covenant will take on a stronger and more lasting intention.


Working with children II : In this module, the student will discover God’s overall plan regarding the function and ability the church has as a body. Through the close examination of the ministry gifts given to the church, the student will have a clear foundation regarding their operation both personally as well as collectively in the body of Christ; the Church. The truths and concepts of the letter will help the student engage purposefully at a personal as well as a ministerial level.

Christian Ethics : Ethics is about looking at controversial subjects the modern Christians & Ministers are facing today. Many situations cannot be resolved out of a black and white attitude, and require God’s guidance and wisdom. The Bible does not always give us a full picture on how to deal with topics like euthanasia, divorce & remarriage, in vitro fertilization and others.

Christian Social Work : It is about exploring how the church can fulfill its mandate to not only preach about Jesus, but to care for people like Jesus did.