Level 4 Certificate in Applied Theology


Level 5 Diploma in Applied Theology

Church History

This course gives an overview of the main events and personalities in Christianity from the birth of the Church to the present day. The subject is presented in an interactive way … (click here to see the Syllabus).

New Testament Survey

This survey covers the historical background and the writings of the New Testament and it continues to trace the Golden Cord which runs from Genesis to Revelation thus giving a thorough overview … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Old Testament Survey

This survey of the Old Testament covers Bible history, everyday life in Bible times, the geography of the Bible, the language and literature of the Old Testament and studies in a selection of books in the Bible … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Ministry Fundamentals

In this course we consider ministry from the principles we see in the New Testament and we compare this with the practice of ministry in the Church around the world today. Only a small number of students come to the college with a definite sense of a calling to a specific ministry but many of the principles we look at apply to all ministries. … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Biographical Church History

This course gives an overview of some of the most important personalities who have had a profound impact on the Church from the first century to the present day … (click here to see the Syllabus).

Ministry Principles & Practice

Whether a person is going to be an apostle/church planter, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, elder, children’s worker, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, church administrator, Christian counsellor or social worker or simply a witness for Jesus in the workplace, an awareness of the principles underlying the work of the ministry is essential for all effective Christian service. Students are encouraged to participate fully in workshops, discussion, to read other points of view from books in the library and to ask as many questions as they like … (click here to see the Syllabus).