Frequently Asked Questions



      About the Courses


Is the IBTI Diploma in Applied Theology accredited?

Within the two-year diploma course is a Customised Award accredited by NCFE, for which a Certificate of Achievement in Applied Theology will be awarded by NCFE, but this certificate is not for a nationally regulated qualification. The IBTI Diploma in Applied Theology is an internal IBTI award.


Is the IBTI Certificate in Applied Theology accredited?

The one-year Certificate in Applied Theology is an IBTI award which is not externally accredited.

Is the Missional Leadership Course accredited?

Within the Missional Leadership Course is a Customised Award accredited by NCFE, for which a Certificate of Achievement in Missional Leadership will be awarded by NCFE, but this certificate is not for a nationally regulated qualification.  The IBTI Certificate in Missional Leadership is an internal IBTI award. 


Who can apply for the Missional Leadership Course?

Only those who have already worked in Christian ministry should apply for the Missional Leadership Course. It is particularly appropriate for those in ministry who require a visa to come to UK, as it will fit within the time limit of a Student Visitor Visa.

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      About the College


Can I come for a visit?

Yes of course! We will be pleased to have you here and give you all the information you need. We simply ask you to tell us in advance when you are thinking of coming, so that we make sure that someone will be available for you on that day. To book your visit, please write to [email protected]


What kind of accommodation do you offer to the students?

All the students share rooms.



     About Board and Lodging


What does the charge include?

The charge includes: accommodation, food, Wi-Fi, laundry and study materials; all of this throughout the entire academic year. The IBTI does not charge anything for tuition as all the teachers give their service free of charge.


How and when can I pay?

The best way to pay is through a bank transfer, though cash (in GBP) is also accepted.
The charge needs to be paid in advance, either term by term, or for the whole year.

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    About life at IBTI


Where is the IBTI and what is it like?

The IBTI campus is situated on ten acres of beautiful English countryside just outside the town of Burgess Hill in West Sussex, England. Since life as an IBTI student is rather busy with lectures, private study, practical duties, meals and times of worship, our students particularly enjoy our spacious grounds where they find a calm, peaceful contrast to their full and fast schedule.


What is Burgess Hill like?

Burgess Hill is a small town with 30,000 inhabitants. In the town centre, people can find anything they need for living such as shops, banks, post office, places to eat and more. For recreation, Burgess Hill has, among other things, a nature reserve, a cinema, as well as a local theatre and a leisure centre with gym and swimming pools.


Are there any big cities nearby?

Those who prefer to have more action-filled free time do not need to worry. Burgess Hill is situated no more than 40 miles south of London and only 12 miles north of Brighton, which is the largest seaside city in the UK. Both cities are world-famous for their uniqueness, sights, history and various big attractions.