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What are your courses?

IBTI has sharpened its study programme by developing two separate yet integrated six-month courses in Applied Theology. The first one is a LEVEL 4 Certificate and the second one is a LEVEL 5 Diploma. For more info navigate throughout our Courses page

Are IBTI courses accredited?

Yes. See our Accreditation page

What certificate/diploma will I receive after successful completion of the course? What will it look like?

Upon successful completion of the Level 4 Certificate course in Applied Theology you will receive an IBTI Level 4 Certificate in Applied Theology, and a Certificate of Achievement issued by NCFE for successfully completing the IBTI Level 4 Certificate course in Applied Theology.

Upon successful completion of the Level 5 Diploma course in Applied Theology you will receive an IBTI Level 5 Diploma in Applied Theology, and a Certificate of Achievement issued by NCFE for successfully completing the IBTI Level 5 Diploma course in Applied Theology.

Can I attend you courses online?

No, we are a residential college.

When do the courses start?

The courses run from early January to early July. See our Course Dates page.

How long does the application process take?

Processing time can vary depending on the complexity of the application. For a fully completed application, processing time is usually between 3 and 5 weeks.​ You will be notified by e-mail if there is anything missing from your application package.

Is there any deadline for submitting my application?

The deadline for submitting the application are:

– 30th September for students needing a visa,

– 31st October for those not needing a visa.

Do I need a Visa to attend your courses?

If you come from UK, EU countries or those countries recognised by UK Government, you don’t need a visa. If you are not sure if you need a visa, please click here choosing ‘Study’ and the option ‘Six months or less’.

Do I need Health Insurance?

If you are coming from abroad, you will have to obtain comprehensive health insurance to cover your stay in UK as you will not be eligible for NHS (National Health Service) treatment.

Can I continue to study or apply to another college online while I’m studying at IBTI?

While you are a student here you may not be engaged in any other external studies nor will you be able to have leave of absence to take exams, deliver dissertations or attend interviews.

Am I allowed to work while I’m studying at the IBTI?

No, students are not allowed to work while they are studying at the IBTI.

Is there any English level requirement?

If English is not your first language, you are required to have a level of English of B1 (CEFR) or equivalent (e.g.: IELTS, TEFL, TESOL or any UK Government approved test). For more info click here.

Do you offer an English course for those who have poor English?

No, we do not offer any English courses.


What are the eligibility criteria for applying?

Requirements for both courses:

– You must have completed your secondary school education.

– You must have proof of level B1 (CEFR) in English if English is not your first language.

– If you need a visa you will have to prove that you have sufficient funds to pay the fees, to pay for medical insurance and to pay a return air ticket.


Specific requirements for applying for the Level 5 Diploma course:

– You must have completed the Level 4 course at the IBTI, including the placement of 5-6 weeks. See details on ‘Level 5 Diploma Course’


– You must have completed IBTI recognised comparative training course.

– You must have had three years of Christian leadership experience in an active role within a church, a charity, or any other appropriate Christian organisation.

How can I apply for these Courses?

Download the Application Form for the course you wish to attend, complete the form then print it off and sign in it and give it to your senior minister/pastor to read and sign, to show that they endorse your application. We will later ask them for a reference.

Return the completed form by email as a scanned document or PDF file or by post to the Administrator to the address you find in the application form.

Can I withdraw my application to the College?

Yes, you can withdraw your application at any time. Note that if you have already paid your admission fee, you will receive a refund ONLY in the case that you have applied for a visa and it has been refused by the UK Government Immigration Office. Any bank charges will have been lost.

Are there any documents I need to present with my application?

Yes, with your application you must include:

– Copy of your Passport (not an ID card) clearly showing your face and all its details. Your passport must be valid for the whole of your stay in the UK.

– Copy of documents you have which show your academic qualifications, both school and post-school education.

– Copy of the document you have showing that your level of competence in the English language is B1 if English is not your first language.

Do I need to give you any reference with my application?

No, it is not necessary that you send us any reference, as in the Application Form you will have to indicate the details of your senior minister/pastor, plus a second referee (not a relative) from whom references will be requested.


How much does it cost to register with the College?

We do not charge any registration fee upon receipt of an application form.

Is there any acceptance fee?

Even thou we do not charge any registration fee upon receipt of an application form, if you are accepted we require you to pay an admission fee (£400) to finalise the acceptance process. Note that this must happen before we send you a confirmation letter for your visa application if you need a visa.   

Is the acceptance fee part of the course fees?

Yes, the acceptance fee paid will be deducted from the fees. See the Total Fees here: Level 4Level 5.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

Your fees must be paid in Pounds Sterling.

– Debit Cards (Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit).

– Money order or bank draft in Pounds Sterling.

When are the course fees required to be paid?

Your fees must be paid in advance:

– In Full before the course starts (January),


– The First Half before the course starts (January), and

– The Second Half in the middle of the course (March)

What is included and what is not included in the course fees?

What is included:

Tuition, accommodation, food, use of washing machine, ministry outreaches (including transport to and from).

 What is NOT included:

Transport to and from airports, stations, ferry ports, dryer, medical insurance and additional expenses.

Is there any Scholarship?

Scholarships are not available for our courses.