Welcome to our new lecturers!


Welcome to our new tutors


We are thrilled to introduce you to our two new lecturers. Both of them are former IBTI students, and even though their journey after graduation looks somewhat different, they both are a great asset to the college’s lecturing body and we look forward to the valuable impartation they will give our students.


2017-02-02-PHOTO-00000297 Welcome to our new lecturers!Simon Pastorello

He was a student here from 2003 to 2005. After graduating, he did a one-year apprenticeship as a youth worker at All Saints Church in Lindfield. Then he returned to Italy, serving wherever he could until he perceived a clear calling back to the UK. He then started serving an Elim Church in Blackburn full-time, as a youth and children’s pastor for the first five years, and now in his role as senior leader.



Stefano Guaglione

Stefano is one of our residential staff members at the IBTI. Having //nygoodhealth.com graduated in 2013, he never left the college but stayed on as a volunteer, passionately serving the college in any way he could. This is what he says about his new role of teaching at the IBTI:
“It has already been a great privilege for me to attend IBTI as a student in 2011, but an even greater privilege to be part of the staff and lecturers’ body. IBTI has a great legacy, 70 years of history which has shaped so many people and nations. When I teach in class, I know that I am speaking not only to a group of young people eager to serve God, but to nations. This is the way I believe we can impact the world; this is the way God chose for me to impact this world.”