Outreach at Broadfield Christian Fellowship

Outreach at Broadfield Christian Fellowship

The Team: Marco Ceddia, Hadiel Scarozza, Elisa Pepe, Elizabetta Caroffiglio, Kélyan Corroyer

  1. Prologue : 9h30 – 10h30

After many adventures on the road we arrived at the church and were welcomed by the pastor’s wife.


3 Outreach at Broadfield Christian Fellowship2. The service : 10h30 – 12h

We started with an amazing time of worship after having introduced ourselves and IBTI, this was followed by a video (as usual) from Marco delivering a main message : « Go Beyond ». Then Kélyan testified putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of taking the right decision in life which is always God. Isabel presented an item about trusting in God through the storm and finally Elisa preached an amazing message about going to the feet of Jesus, using the example of Mary and inviting us to respond afterwards through the final prayer which closed the meeting. We noticed a common theme throughout the meeting :

Always trust in God and place him first in every circumstance, especially when going through difficulties or stepping in the unknown.

The church resembled a united family, people felt at home and were glad to have IBTI students there, they were also interacting with us during and after the service, creating a good and informal atmosphere.


  1. After effort, comfort : 12h30 – 15h30

After the meeting we went to the pastor’s house where we met his lovely family, prior to having lunch he took us for a walk around his garden and the woods explaining every kind of tree to us – his knowledge on the topic was quite impressive – and we enjoyed an awesome meal with the family and the two African girls they’re hosting. We had a good time and good conversations. In the end, we prayed together, said a warm goodbye and went on the way back, physically and spiritually fed on this amazing day!


5 Outreach at Broadfield Christian Fellowship