Outreach at Kent’s Road Church

Outreach at Kent’s Road Church

This month, we had the opportunity to do an outreach in this lovely and very hospitable church. Every time we come to this place the atmosphere and people are truly welcoming.

We all enjoyed a time of worship together with Hadiel leading and an instrumental item by Simone and Emanuele who played the saxophone and the piano. It was great to listen to Giuliana and Francesco, two students of the first year, who shared their testimony. Natalie, a second year  student, brought us into a simple but effective story about trusting God for impossible things to happen. John, our Director, encouraged the congregation about building our lives on the perfect cornerstone, which is Christ.

We had a wonderful lunch at the end of the service with the members of the church who prepared it. They are extremely kind and generous towards us and we could see how joyful they were while talking to us and serving us. It will be a pleasure for us to return and have fellowship again with these lovely people.

Gianluca Lamanna (2nd year student)


h2 Outreach at Kent’s Road Church