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Be “a part of the furniture”

BE-a-PART-FURNITURE-1 Be "a part of the furniture"

We would love for you to be “a part of the furniture” — not quite literally!

You can do this by sponsoring furnishings for the bedrooms.

When you come to pay, please indicate the amount your chosen item(s) will cost and remember to select the specific fund related to the code. If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer, please write the relevant code as a reference.

Untitled-1 Be "a part of the furniture"

1Wardrobe£200 GFB1W1Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB1W2Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB1W3Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB1W4Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB1BT1Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB1BT2Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB1BT3Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB1BT4Sponsored!
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB1BB1 Sponsor it
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB1BB2 Sponsor it
2Bunk Bed Sets£500 GFB1BBS Sponsor it
1Bedside lamp £15 GFB1BL1 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB1BL2 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB1BL3Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB1BL4Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB1M1Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB1M2 Sponsor it
1Mattress£100 GFB1M3Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB1M4 Sponsor it
 4 Chairs +

1 Study Table

 £440 GFB1CTSponsored!

BEDROOM2_act Be "a part of the furniture"

1Wardrobe£200 GFB2W1 Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB2W2 Sponsor it
1Wardrobe£200 GFB2W3 Sponsor it
1Wardrobe£200 GFB2W4 Sponsor it
1Bedside table£100 GFB2BT1Sponsor it
1Bedside table£100 GFB2BT2 Sponsor it
1Bedside table£100 GFB2BT3 Sponsor it
1Bedside table£100 GFB2BT4 Sponsor it
4Beside tables£400GFB2BTSponsor it
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB2BB1 Sponsored!
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB2BB2 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp £15 GFB2BL1 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB2BL2 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB2BL3  Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB2BL4 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB2M1 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB1M2 Sponsor it
1Mattress£100 GFB1M3 Sponsor it
1Mattress£100 GFB2M4 Sponsor it
 4 Chairs +

1 Study Table

 £440 GFB2CTSponsor it

BEDROOM-3_act Be "a part of the furniture"

1Wardrobe£200 GFB3W1 Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB3W2 Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB3W3 Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB3W4 Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB3BT1Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB3BT2Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB3BT3 Sponsor it
1Bedside table£100 GFB3BT4 Sponsor it
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB3BB1 Sponsor it
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB3BB2 Sponsor it
2Bunk Bed Sets£500 GFB3BB Sponsor it
1Bedside lamp £15 GFB3BL1 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB3BL2 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB3BL3 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB3BL4 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB3M1 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB3M2 Sponsor it
1Mattress£100 GFB3M3 Sponsor it
1Mattress£100 GFB3M4 Sponsor it
 4 Chairs +

1 Study Table

 £440 GFB3CTSponsor it

BEDROOM4_act Be "a part of the furniture"

1Wardrobe£200 GFB4W1  Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB4W2 Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB4W3 Sponsored!
1Wardrobe£200 GFB4W4 Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB4BT1 Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB4BT2 Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB4BT3  Sponsored!
1Bedside table£100 GFB4BT4  Sponsored!
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB4BB1 Sponsored!
1Bunk Bed £250 GFB4BB2 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp £15 GFB4BL1 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB4BL2 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB4BL2 Sponsored!
1Bedside lamp  £15 GFB4BL4 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB4M1 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB4M2 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB4M3 Sponsored!
1Mattress£100 GFB4M4 Sponsored!
 4 Chairs +

1 Study Table

 £440 GFB4CT Sponsored!