“Be a man or a woman of prayer, stay in the Word of God, listen to the Spirit of the Lord”


(IBTI 2001-2003)


(Burkina Faso –West Africa)

pastor-salomon SALOMON SAWADOGO (IBTI 2001-2003)

I came to IBTI to be well trained in its multicultural family in order to serve the Lord betterin my country. I can’t forget how the training at IBTI positively transformed my life because my spiritual and practical life was really impacted and the fellowship is something that I really appreciated. After my training at IBTI, I went back to my country to serve the Lord. Teaching at the Bible school, planting churches, pasturing in the church at Wapassi and leading pastors.


Captura-de-pantalla-2018-05-04-a-las-12.21.32 SALOMON SAWADOGO (IBTI 2001-2003)

Right now, I am pastor in Ouagadougou and the academic dean of Koubri assemblies of God Bible School. I am also the president of the sub regional council of NongrMassom, Ouagadougou. It means that I am responsible for 102 pastors and 80 churches in the city of Ouagadougou. I also organize seminars for church // leaders and teach at the Faculté de Théologie des Assemblées de Dieu du Burkina. (FATHEAD – Theological seminary for  B.Ths. master degree program).


Captura-de-pantalla-2018-05-04-a-las-12.21.41 SALOMON SAWADOGO (IBTI 2001-2003)

I am involved in social work because in Burkina as in many other countries, we cannot dissociate the spiritual and the social. For this reason, I have built an evangelical educational college and two primary schools. Right now, I am building a medical center and am planning to open it this year 2018. By God’s grace I was able to drill a water pump for the population.


What I would love to say to those who are planning to go to IBTI is:


“Your relationship with the Lord will determine the quality of your ministry. The quality of your ministry depends also on the quality of your training. Your life at IBTI (how you live, what you do) is a first sign of what you are going to be in your ministry or Christian life”


Captura-de-pantalla-2018-05-04-a-las-12.21.49 SALOMON SAWADOGO (IBTI 2001-2003)