Volunteering at IBTI

Volunteering at IBTI

If these testimonies of volunteering at IBTI stir something in you and you want to consider this for yourself, please get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Apart from our students, who come to the IBTI from different countries every year, we also have volunteers from various backgrounds, age groups and nationalities. They are a very valued part of the life of the college and bless this work significantly through their service. Find here three experience reports of volunteering at the IBTI:

Gaston Valero (72 years old), from Spain:

IMG_5381-1 Volunteering at IBTI"I have always had a desire to serve God and knowing that I am not really a “pulpit-person” I was very keen on serving practically at the IBTI. One day, the opportunity to do so came up when I had just concluded other things and was free from all kinds of responsibilities back in Spain. So I just went for it and came to IBTI as a volunteer.

The best thing about being here is serving in itself; it brings me a lot of joy. I don’t really mind in which role, I just want to serve. Given the choice, what I like most is working in the kitchen or in the laundry, I don’t really know why but I particularly enjoy being involved in those departments.

Being a volunteer here at the IBTI I have learned a lot, especially regarding respect for other people and humility. At one point while working at the college I was the main cook. Then, for health reasons, my role shifted to being assistant cook and I had to learn to submit to others. But God helped me; I have learned a lot in the process and I am very happy to continue to serve here."


Patricia Schmidt (20 years old), from Germany:

IMG_5342 Volunteering at IBTI"I came to IBTI as a volunteer because I wanted to spend some time abroad after finishing school and really felt a desire to know God more. Many of my family members had been to the IBTI and I knew it was the right place for me.

 My job, which was a mixture of looking after two children and helping with the meal preparation, was not always easy for me because I came with next to no experience in the kitchen. Nevertheless, I could soon see that I was growing and improving in both of my jobs; I managed to create a routine with the children and to lead students during practical.

This volunteering experience really helped me to be more self-confident and be a leader. I also learned how to serve people. Before I came here I thought that I would do this year for God and then go to study at university. But now God changed me so much that I want to listen to what God wants for my life and not what I want and so I am applying to return as a student next year. So, if you want to know God more and you are willing to give him one year of your life I can only recommend coming to volunteer at IBTI."


Stefano Sisto (25 years old), from Italy:
IMG_5382 Volunteering at IBTI

"I applied as a volunteer at IBTI because I wanted to know God in a more intimate way and to practically serve the church while also growing in taking responsibility, in confidence and learn and improve in skills that will be useful in life. Another reason why I decided to come to the IBTI is that I was really attracted by the idea of living in a community with many young people from different nations who want to follow and serve Jesus. 

These two years of volunteering at IBTI have been very precious for many reasons. My English skills were boosted and I acquired basic practical skills through doing various jobs I had never done before, such as woodworking, gardening, painting, dry walling, tiling and I also developed my skills in using Microsoft Office. The most important change in my life though happened in my mind. Through different challenges with God, myself and other people, my personal relationship with God has improved and the pace of life set by IBTI has had a very positive influence on me.After coming to the end of my commitment to IBTI I’m now making plans to move to another city in the UK to start the next chapter of my life, find a church and a new job."


Summer Volunteering

But volunteering at the IBTI is also possible for shorter periods of time. This summer for example we have had several people come and help us out in different areas. This is what they say about their time here at the IBTI:

 "I feel it is a privilege to serve the Lord in whatever way I can and like a small brick in a large wall, I play my part. I do it because I love the Lord and his people...'Serving those who serve.'" (Colin Charlton)

"If I can do physical things to free others to do spiritual things that last eternally, then all is well." (Rob Turner)

"I love coming here, we are always well looked after and made to feel welcome by staff and students [...] We can give thanks to the Lord that he send the right people at the right time for the work that needs doing." (Linda Grey)

"Having recently retired from full time ministry and moving to England we asked Eliana and John if we could help at IBTI in any way [...] I was asked if I would cook for all volunteers on site. Yes is always the answer [...] It went well and it was a pleasure to serve in this way." (Christine Tonge)

"Here we are for two weeks cooking and building and enjoying being part of this amazing work if only for a short time. Thank you IBTI for the privilege of having a small part to play in the work of God here. There is a consistent sense of the presence of God here, when I think of the men and women who came, studied and prepared for the mission God has called them to[...]." (Jamie Tonge)

final Volunteering at IBTI

 If these testimonies of volunteering at IBTI stir something in you and you want to consider this for yourself, please get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]