Homiletics: Through this module the student will discover the “art” of preaching, they will learn how to prepare, how to deliver and how to apply sermons. Methods and Principles of speaking in public will be addressed and discussed as well as different ways to communicate the Gospel according to the audience they are addressing.

Pneumatology: In this module the student will examine the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, both in the Old and in the New Testament; discover and explore His fruit, His gifts and His role in revivals as well as His personal role in the daily life of the believer.


Missiology: In this module mission is explored, examined and applied throughout the whole sphere of life; past, present and future, with a view to understanding its necessity, and therefore implementing it in order to reach the nations. This will ultimately help the student to grasp the context of missions in a cross-cultural manner and have the adequate tools to use in fulfilling God’s plan to reconcile humankind to Himself.

Strategy in Ministry: As the title suggests, this module encourages the student to have a strategy in and for their future ministry, originating in God’s central vision for humankind, followed by developing a plan and arriving at the goals set before them. It is a journey where the student will discover how to develop a strategy and how to implement it in their ministry in order to fulfill a specific call.