Academic Integrity Policy
The International Bible Training College (IBTC) upholds the Biblical principles (Ephesians 4:15-16) of speaking truthfully and acting in integrity. IBTC is committed to supporting students to develop good academic practice and ensure there is a full understanding for students on the parameters of good ethical academic practice … read more
Admission Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the criteria and conditions for admission to the programmes of the International Bible Training College (IBTC) … read more

Assessment Policy

Assessment is at the heart of the learning experience of the students. Progression through a programme and the validation of success or failure is determined by assessment. Assessment provides public recognition of achievement and gives it its value … read more

Code Of Good Practice

The IBTC strives to provide a supportive and positive environment within which all its members
may work or study in a spirit of harmony and mutual trust underpinned by Evangelical Christian
values. It aims to recognise … read more

Complaints And Procedures

At the IBTC we want to provide an outstanding educational experience for our students and
excellent working environment for our voluntary workers. One of the ways in which we can
improve what we do is by listening and responding to their views. The college values the feedback
that students and … read more

Data Protection Policy

In order to operate efficiently the International Bible Training College (IBTC) needs to collect and use information about the current, past and prospective: staff (voluntary workers), students, sponsors, donors, supporters and others with whom we communicate and work. IBTC regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as integral to its successful operation … read more

Equal Opportunity Policy

The International Bible Training College (IBTC) recognizes that discrimination is unacceptable and is committed to the principle of equality regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origin,
political opinion or affiliation, social background, employment status, sex, marital status, domestic circumstances, age or disability, (taking into account) except where this comes into conflict with its Christian statement of beliefs and faith … read more

Finance Policy

As a registered charity and non-profit company limited by guarantee it is imperative that we adopt rigorous financial controls and procedures throughout the International Bible Training College1, which will enable us to fulfil the expectations of the Charity Commission, Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs, and our supporters to ensure financial viability for the future of the college. This policy has been designed to be flexible enough to allow the college to develop. … read more

Fire Safety Policy

The college is committed to ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all the college’s voluntary workers (‘Voluntary workers’ includes all long and short term volunteers of the college), students, and any other persons … read more

First Aid Policy

We are committed to ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all t h e college’s voluntary workers (‘Voluntary workers’ includes all long and short terms volunteers of the college), students, and any other persons who may work on, visit, or use its premises, or who may be affected by its activities or services. … read more

Food Hygiene Policy

We have in place ‘Food Handling and Food Hygiene Procedures’ and will keep up-to-date records relating to our procedures … read more

Health and Safety Policy

The International Bible Training College recognises its legal duty for providing a safe and healthy workplace and suitable working environment for its staff, volunteers, students and others (contractors, visitors and the public) that could be affected by its work or undertakings … read more

Risk Management Policy and Procedures

We will regularly review and assess the risks faced by the IBTC in all areas of its work and plan for the management of those risks … read more

Staff Recruitment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the criteria and conditions for recruiting voluntary workers and volunteers for the International Bible Training College (IBTI) … read more

Internal Verification and Assessor's Policy

Internal verification is the process by which the college regularly samples and evaluates its assessment practices and decisions, and acts on the findings to ensure that learners receive fair and equal access to assessment, which is free from discrimination and is made by well-informed and well-supported assessors … read more

Examination And Invigilation Policy

The assessment of students and the integrity of our examination process is of great importance to International Bible Training College (IBTC). Examination invigilators help to ensure that security is maintained and examinations are conducted in a fair and appropriate manner … read more

Personnel Disciplinary Policy And Procedure

This Disciplinary Policy and Procedure is designed to outline the disciplinary process for
voluntary workers and tutors at the International Bible Training College (IBTC). It serves as a
framework to maintain discipline, address misconduct, and ensure fair treatment for all
voluntary workers and tutors while … read more

Privacy Policy

The International Bible Training College (IBTC) has created this policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting your right to privacy. This policy is your guide to how we collect, handle and use information about you while using www.ibti.org.uk (IBTC website), so that you can make an informed choice about it … read more

Student Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains how International Bible Training College (IBTC) (“we”, “our”, “us”) collects, uses and shares your personal data, and your rights in relation to the personal data we hold. This privacy notice concerns our processing of personal data of past, present and prospective students of IBTC (“you”, “your”) … read more

General Statement of Safeguarding Policy


Safeguarding Policy & Procedure

The following is a brief description of International Bible Training College and the type of activities we undertake which bring us into contact with children and adults who have care and support
needs … read more

Preventing Radicalisation, Extremism, Terrorism, and Money-laundering
Respect and Dignity Policy Incorporating the Harassment Policy

The International Bible Training College (IBTC) is committed to ensuring that all personnel, whether students, volunteers, visiting lecturers, residential staff or trustees/directors are treated with respect and dignity … read more

Statement of Working Together Policy

Working Practices of the IBTC and the CCI
are up to date. These two charities have been working side by side for many years and this policy is to confirm the working relationship of the two bodies. … read more

Student Disciplinary Policy

This policy works in conjunction with the IBTC student handbook that describes the expectations of all IBTC students’ conduct during their studies at IBTC … read more


Change of Circumstances Form
Data Security Breach Report Form

This form should be completed in the event of an actual, suspected or potential information security incident. The effective management of information security incidents is required in order to ensure we meet our obligations under the GDPR law, to maintain the security and integrity of the data we hold … Download the FORM

Permission Form

The College collects, holds and processes personal data relating to its staff, volunteers, students, sponsors, donors, supporters and anyone else about whom we collect personal data, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR law. The information that is provided is used for the administration, marketing, planning and management of the work of the college, student education and training and administering of student and College funding … Download the FORM

Request to Reissue Diploma, Certificate or Transcript
Subject Access Request

“Subject access” is the right of an individual to access personal data relating to him/her which is held by the International Bible Training College (IBTI) … Download the FORM